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Personally, I know all too well how hard it can be to lose weight while still enjoying delicious food. That’s why I’ve done plenty of research and conducted many experiments to create my collection of tasty bites that are low in calories but high in flavour! No matter what diet or food plan you’re following, I think it’s always important to treat yourself. If you’re looking for low-fat or low-sugar alternatives to your favourite bakes, get in touch!

Marshmellow melts.jpg
Marshmallow Melts

95 Calories

Dark chocolate, marshmallow and cranberry bites

95 Calories per bar and you can keep them in the fridge for the week to snack on

Box of 9 for £6

Sweet Potato Brownies

160 Calories 

Chocolate orange sweet potato brownies are packed with goodness, less sugar and just as scrumptious

160 Calories per slice

and less sugar 

Box of 9 for £14

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Strawberry Sour Cream Muffins

178 Calories

These muffins are so tasty,  they are a light but substantial muffin made with whole wheat flour and a good source of protein too and nut free.

175 Calories per muffin and more fibre


Box of 6 for £12 

Box of 12 for £20 

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Courgette, Flaxseed & Lemon Muffins

131 Calories

Healthier muffins with hidden courgette and a fruity lemon flavour

131 Calories per muffin and great for an ‘on the go’ breakfast or quick snack

Box of 6 for £10

Box of 12 for £18

Cookie Bars

134 Calories

These cookie bars are thick, chocolatey and use wholesome ingredients! Last up to a week in the fridge.

134 Calories and they make a great afternoon snack, lunch box treat or dessert!

Box of 9 for £14

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More coming soon

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